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O que há de novo?

4 Março 2003
Separação das paginas Sinclair das Paginas Timex.
Nova página para o TS1040, separação das paginas sobre o software Timex do resto dos Documentos Técnicos, adicionadas novas páginas sobre clones Timex.
Novas fotos do meu ZX Spectrum 48K Plus, ZX Interface 1, ZX Microdrives, ZX Microdrive Tapes e TS1040 na pagina da minha colecção.

3 Março 2003
Novidades na versão Inglesa.
Logo que possa altero a versão Portuguesa.
As paginas Sinclair já estão separadas e irão sair desta versão também.

25 Julho 2001
O manual do TC2010 já está online!
Pode ser lido a partir da página dos Documentos Timex.

20 Julho 2001
O manual do Basic 64 para TC2068 já está online!
Pode ser lido a partir da página dos Documentos Timex.

18 Julho 2001
O manual do utilzador CP/M para FDD3000 já está traduzido em Português.
E o manual do Basic 64 para TC2048 foi feito o upload.
Ambos podem ser lidos a partir da página dos Documentos Timex.

13 Julho 2001
A página do Sinclair "Loki" (1 hora a traduzir!!) já está traduzida em Português, assim como a pagina dos Ports I/O Timex e a página dos Documentos Timex. Corrigi o link da Interface do FDD na pagina dos Documentos Timex que apontava para a página do FDD3000 (em que eu retirei a parte da interface para criar a página nova).
Adicionei uma foto de um modem Westridge 2050 à pagina do TS2050 e um scan de um cupão para um Joystick TS2090 à pagina do TS2090.

11 Julho 2001
Outro erro de java impedia que se visse as imagens da galeria de imagens, já está corrigido. Faltam poucas páginas para traduzir: Portas I/O do Timex, Cartridges Timex, Documentos Timex, Manual do FDD, Manual do CP/M, História Timex e a página do "Loki", ou seja, as que contém muito texto. O resto está traduzido, espero eu.

07 Julho 2001
Devido a um erro de programação HTML e JAVA os menus apareceram em inglês:( felizmente já está corrigido. A pagina que tem a versão do site em frames também tinha erros de programação/links (aparecia tudo em inglês (menus e paginas)). Também já está corrigido. Criada uma pagina para o CP/M. E como na versão inglesa separei a parte da Interface do FDD das paginas do FDD e do FDD3000, para uma nova pagina, também o fiz para a versão Portuguesa. Notem que a parte dos menus que ainda está em inglês ainda não foi traduzida. Actualmente o que está traduzido são as paginas dos computadores Timex, dos periféricos Timex e as paginas que estão no menu "1º que tudo".

06 Julho 2001
As primeiras paginas em Português! As paginas traduzidas são as paginas dos Computadores Timex.

28 June 2001
I'm still moving the pictures to hobbiton.org servers. This may take some time since I have a 56K connection to the internet. Almost Timex pages have the pictures problems solved.
I have finally found a Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 picture.

17 June 2001
I'm trying to move to a new server. http://johnred.hobbiton.org.
This is to kill the problem with the images.

16 June 2001
I've added more things to my colection (a ZX Printer, a TS2068 (broken), more software and two more Timex cartridges (Casino 1 and Budgeter)) thanks to Jack Boatwright.
I'm having trouble with the pictures. They are in geocities servers and it seems that geocities is blocking picture showing. I'm trying to change to another server that gives me more room for the website. Just for the records Timex Computer World website have more than 17MB of images.

30 April 2001
Changed the email address.
Added the ZX Certificate from World of Spectrum.

08 February 2001
Timex Computer World website won the Eye Site Award!.

07 February 2001
Changed the Timex Computer World logo. Added a new page about the Joystick-Sound Unit with some photos. Added a photo of RS232 tape and a photo of the telecomunications program for the TS2050 modem.

22 January 2001
Added the photo of Timex Interface RS232 to my colection page. Added links to all pages in the startup pages of every page group. Added to my colection a ZX Spectrum 48K Plus.

31 December 2000
The Timex Computer World Website has won the Golden Web Award!

22 December 2000
A photo of Timex Interface RS232 has added in Timex Interface RS232 page. I scanned the manual and put it in the Timex Technical Docs page. I've created a page for my other computers. You can reach it in my collection page.

19 December 2000
I finally found a Timex Interface RS232. I will add later a photo and the little user manual. If someone have the tape with the routines for RS232 please send me an email.

12 November 2000
Created a page for download TAP files of Timex Sinclair software. Another page for download disk image files is in construction.

09 November 2000
There is nothing new on my site. This update is only to inform you that the main website is going to be moved from http://homepage.esoterica.pt/~johnred to http://timex.123go.cx since I will change the kind of service of my ISP. I've created a page for the site mirrors and a page for downloads (in construction).

21 October 2000
New mirror URL: http://homepage.oninet.pt/346mer

08 October 2000
Geocities have disabled the old url that was used when I created the first pages in Geocities site. Because of that some pictures may not display. I'm correcting this, but it takes some time because the site have more than 70 pages!!

02 October 2000
The framed HTML version of my site is up now. You can reach it by clicking the link in the home page. Jarek Adamski also send me some info about the Polish UK2086.

22 September 2000
Jarek Adamski have provided some info about the expansion that makes a TC2048 compatible with ZX128K and some info about how to connect a FDD to any ZX128K.
Testing a HTML framed version of my site.

15 August 2000
Added more info about TS2068 cartridges.

30 July 2000
Added a new look to the website, more easy to navigate.

24 June 2000
Added more info in Timex ROM page and in the cartridges page. Created a page about the Timex 2068 I/O ports, a page with Portuguese press news and ads, a page for the awards that my site have won (this because my site have won the Mass Critical Award!

17 June 2000
New site mirror, because this one is giving errors and problems:

16 April 2000
Added the FDD user manual (finally), the User's Guide for CP/M-FDD3000 and the TC2068 squematic to the Technical info page.

13 April 2000
Created a page for technical info and a page for computer boards.
This is the first update since the visitors counter passed 2000 :)

25 March 2000
Tested the Rick Dangerous game in my TC2068 and it worked OK.

7 March 2000
Added photos in Timex and Sinclair photo gallery (a TS1000 board, a TS1500 board and a TS2068 board (Thanks to Jack Boatwright for the 3 board scans), a 128K +3 board and others).
Created a Timex Sinclair 1050 page, a page about Timex Command Cartridges (still under construction) and a page about Timex ROM weird routines in TS/TC2068.

31 January 2000
Added photos of my Timex-Sinclair collection.
Added some info in history page.

15 January 2000
Added a new page about Sinclair PC500.
Updated the Sinclair PC200 page and some other pages.
Added photos of my collection.

6 December 1999
Added more info about Spectrum 128K.
Added too more info about Timex of Portugal and Timex computers in Argentina to the Timex history page.

19 November 1999
Added some equipment to my collection, a TS2020 and a TS2050 (thanks Jack).
Tested the Uridium game in TC2068 and worked OK.

14 November 1999
Created a new page for Sinclair Light Gun and added a page with the list of games that does not work on TS2068 and TC2068. I have tested some, for more details see the page. Corrected the Timex history page.

15 October 1999
Created a new page for Sinclair photos.

19 Setember 1999
Created a new page with my Timex and Sinclair computers collection.
Added start screens of some computers, updated FDD, FDD3000, TOS pages.
Updated too the 48K, 48K Plus, 128K, 128K +2, 128K +2A/B and 128K +3 pages.

Added two photos, one of Zebra FDD and other of Zebra FDD3000.
Updated the history page and the wellcome page.

Total remake of the Timex Computer World web site and changed the URL.
Started the history page about Timex Computer Corp.
Some pages have been updated if not all.

Finally I have finished the Sinclair part.
Added a FDD6000 page.


Added a scan of Time Word cartridge and manual. Time Word is a word processor that TMX Portugal developed. Replace of the Basic 64 manual for TC2048 (now I have a original). Added the TC2010 manual.
Added too a photo of Timex of Portugal, that is in my TC2048 demo tape.


Updated the info in TC2010 (the portuguese tape recorder from Timex Portugal) page and added the photos.


Added new scans and finally a FDD3000 photo!!! Added too, a page about the tape recorder made by Timex of Portugal.


Added new scans: TC2048 manual, Basic 64 manual for 2048 and 2068, some ads of TS1016, TS1500, TS2050, TS2068 (taken of Jack Boatwright site - TimexSinclair World - thanks Jack), Timex FDD manual, a TS2068 flyer.


I have added new photos, one of TC2080, one of Portuguese FDD system and one of BEU. Added too a Basic 64 page, a TS2060 page, a TS2065 page and a TC2080 page.