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Timex Computers

This menu part is where are the descriptions of the Timex computers made initially by Timex Computer Corp. in USA and later by Timex of Portugal, Lda. in Portugal.

Timex Computer Corp launched the Timex-Sinclair (TS) computer series: TS1000, TS1500 and TS2068. Only this three computers were made and sold by Timex Computer Corp. The other ones (TS series) were prototypes and never reached the market.
TS1000 is a Sinclair ZX81 clone but it have 2K RAM
TS1500 is a TS1000 with new case/keyboard and 16K RAM;
TS2068 is a evolution of the ZX Spectrum, new silver case, new ROMs (24K), new commands, extra video modes, a video composite jack, a built-in cartridge player, AY sound chip and a better keyboard with a full size space bar. Because of the new ROMs, the TS2068 could only run 7% of the ZX Spectrum software. With the Spectrum emulator cartridge, the TS2068 can run 97% of the software. The edge connector is not ZX Spectrum compatible, but TS1000 compatible.

Timex of Portugal created and sold the Timex Computer (TC) computers series: TC2048, TC2068 and TC3256. The TC2068 is the European version of the american TS2068 with some enhancements, to be more compatible with the British ZX Spectrum.
TC2048 is a creation of Timex of Portugal, being 99.99999%  compatible with ZX Spectrum, it have the extra video modes, a kempson joystick port and video composite jack. The edge connector is ZX Spectrum compatible;
TC2068 is the European version of the american TS2068, it is more compatible with ZX Spectrum and have a ZX Spectrum edge connector;
TC3256 is a new computer based in Z80 microprocessor (better to see the TC3256 page).

Timex of Portugal also produced TS1000 computers and sold TS2040 printers. The TS2040 sold by TMX Portugal is also called TC2040.

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